About Us

About Us

The Arambhan Group is united by one common mission: to provide Reliable, Efficient services at a Competitive price.

From beginning as a supply and logistics partner, the reliability, high quality and efficiency of our services has led us to never having lost a client from the beginning of our relationship.

Employing over 800 employees, our presence focuses on our distinction of service. We have grown expertise and depth of knowledge in other sectors including:


Vision & Mission

Ethically forward is our tagline, and this mentality is the strong foundation of all our business. We strive to provide high quality, reasonably priced services to our customer and consistently deliver on our commitments.

Notable Achievements

  • We are considered the #1 in Maritime logistics for the Oil & Gas Industry.

  • Through the impressive logistics and supply chain network of the company, we opened a river route between India and Bangladesh to transport rock boulders. This contract was won in a World Bank Global tender.

  • Working with the unpredictability of Governments under stress including the Assam and Bangladeshi governments to smooth the way for powerful projects that benefit.

  • The Arambhan Group were the #1 in quality of services and representation in a closed economy, and when the market opened we continued to dominate beyond 1991, proving our relevance and strength of services.

  • As one of the exclusive contractor for Reliance Industries Ltd, the Arambhan group has completed unprecedented work including being the first to import kerosene, and the first to do double banking in Mumbai Port for Hazardous liquid petroleum products.

  • It is a point of pride that the Arambhan Group has created firms facilitating international business such as SIT and A&G.

  • Additionally, the group has branched into diversified fields such as Investment Banking, Real Estate, Agriculture, Dairy & Innovation.